MAWS provides two types of clinics as described below:

        General Clinic

These clinics are usually held on smaller area lakes where there is not a lot of interference from other boats, etc. They are open to all levels of disabilities and can provide a rewarding experience for anyone, from the first timer to the veteran skier. At these clinics, safety personnel on Personal Water Craft (PWCs) follow the skiers and are in a position to render aid if necessary and can help skiers restart when they fall. There are usually 20 to 40 participants per day in this type of clinic.


Advanced Clinic

These clinics are typically held on private, tournament ski lakes, like Pecan Cove in Waxahachie. They are appropriate only for those skiers who have demonstrated an ability to ski with the rope in their hand, the ability to negotiate turns, and those that have a comfort level in the water that does not necessitate the use of PWC chase vehicles as described above. These clinics typically offer skiers great water conditions and an opportunity to improve their skills. Usually, there is a slalom course available for those who want to try their hand at tournament skiing. There is a maximum enrollment of 15 skiers in advanced clinics.

   2020 Calendar (dates to be confirmed soon!)

Date     Event                                  Location

6/13       Clinic for Advancing Skiers         Pecan Cove, Waxahachie

7/?         Lone Star Paralysis                    Pecan Cove, Waxahachie

8/8         Clinic for Advancing Skiers         Pecan Cove, Waxahachie

8/17-18  All Can Ski**                              San Marcos River Ranch                  

9/12         End of Summer Lake-Fest*       Pecan Cove, Waxahachie

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